sad story 

Lately, I’ve been struggling. Having a really, really hard time dealing with my depression and other issues that have came up in my life…prayers , good vibes, or any suggestions that could help. Are highly welcomed, thank you so much loves. 
Blessed be, 


Anxiety from Hell 

i greatly apologize I have not been posting. Life has been quite hectic and sadly, still is. I have quite a few ideas for new upcoming posts. 🙂
About to lay down for bed now. Tomorrow I jump on a bus for the first time from Atlantic City to New York. How exciting, tomorrow and most likely from now on, will be working in New York! I am SO nervous, and my anxiety is thru the roof. It saddens me to say I have been slacking on my studies and practice, but I am ready to dive in Head first. I especially need to work on my meditation and anxiety. Anyone know any good prayers/spells/crystals to help with my chronic anxiety? 
Stay tuned brothers and sisters. I am ready to get back on track 💘
Blessed Be 🔮

Witchy shopping trip – A MUST!

Merry Meet loves!

I am doing my daily online witchcraft reading and research. Since up until about the last 2 years of my life – my life has been very hectic, lots of moving, lots of changes, NO stability. Thankfully since I’ve moved out to Atlantic City, and met my boyfriend now of about 3 years. Stability and happiness has been growing stronger and stronger. Of course there is still so much more that needs to be done, and one more move out of Atlantic City, New Jersey hopefully to Denver, Colorado (could change). Finishing schooling, get a new better job i can actually enjoy, and so much more. Sadly, because of this i have not yet been able to put together an alter. So that is step one, i either need to hop on a bus and get to one of the witchcraft store in New Jersey, or do some online shopping and finally put together an alter. Than, second I need to stock up and all different types of supplies needed for rituals, spells, daily use, oils, herbal mixes, ect. Does anyone have a online witchcraft store they know of that they like? If so please leave a comment with a link to the page (: Also on the witchy to-do list – I have a few different nokebooks and pads of papers where i have lots of different kind of information that needs to be organized and put into my book of shadows. I believe this time i want to have a couple different books of shadows, since there are so many different paths of witchcraft i study, i dont want it all mixed up. Also, except for my dream journal I plan to create all my books of shadows with binders this year. See if that works out better for me in the long run (: Any tips or ideas when it comes to the book of shadows? How was yours created, you hand make it, or buy it at the store? (:

Blessed Be. ❤

Witches Hour

I thought i could take this time to make a more personalized post. My boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache, which lead to me waking up to try to help him. Happily, he is now back to sleep, hopefully by the time he awakes in the morning this migraine will be gone for good. Anyone know any good spells for migraines, for future cases? I almost daily suffer from migraines, and my boyfriend also does on occasion. I also just enjoyed a delicious piece of cake, haha.

Blessed Be.<3

Making your own essential oil blend

It is actually super easy to make your own essential oil blend. Whether you are making your own money oil, success oil, banishing oil, or love oil, you have to first focus your intent.

What you will need:

Base oil of your choice

Essential oils

Eye dropper

Dark-colored glass bottle

Container for mixing

Once you have decided your intent, set out the essential oils needed in the recipe. Set out the base oil you will be using as well. Now pour about 1/8 cup of base oil into the container. Ideas of base oils are as follows:

Safflower oil

Grapeseed oil

Sunflower oil

Jojoba oil

Almond oil

Using an eye dropper, add the essential oils to the blend. Follow recommended portions, and do not go beyond what is stated. To mix the blend, just swish the essential oils by swirling in a clockwise direction.’

Once you’re done, store your oil blends in dark-colored glass bottles and keep them in a place where heat and moisture wont reach them. You have to consume these blends within 6 months of making them.

Blessed Be. ❤

To see a past life – spell

This spell will enable you to see your past life/future life.

You will need:

Lavender (optional)

Alarm Clock

Pen and Paper

Set your alarm clock to 12:10AM. Put the lavender beside you and chant the following 3x:

“Shall at midnight I see my past life/future life”.

Now go to sleep. At midnight you will begin dreaming of your past life. You will be in a white room with 2 doors. Choose fist door for past, second for future. Open your door. Observe the person in the door, than ask these questions.

What is your name?

What year are you from?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

Now if you are in the past, say I am your future life. If you are in the future, say I am your past life. This should take about 10 minutes. Your alarm will go off, wake up, take your pen and paper and write down everything you experienced.